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Get Fitted. Free Sleep Test Melbourne

Get Fitted for the right electric adjustable beds melbourne with Dr. Jim


Melbourne Beds are designed and endorsed by Melbourne Chiropractor Dr. Jim and Associates.

Melbourne beds was created on the enthusiasm and health fact that we sleep 8 hours a night, which is one third of our lives!


Melbourne beds.net.au was created by melbourne chiropractors. There aim, to educate melbournians about the importance of sleep, both for healing and spinal regeneration. Having spent endless hours since 2006 with bedding companies from around Australia, a choice was made to work with a local bedding company in Melbourne and create a chiropractic beds range.


The melbourne beds range are orthopedic beds, that are guaranteed for 10 years and provide optimal spinal support for people of all ages and size.


Our melbourne chiropractors can test you for:

1. Correct mattress firmness from our orthopedic range, and

2. Correct sleep posture for your spine, health and healing.