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Get Fitted. Free Sleep Test Melbourne

Get Fitted for the right electric adjustable beds melbourne with Dr. Jim


Adjustable Beds Melbourne offering the complete sleep System (bed, base and pillows)

Electric Beds Melbourne achieving a healthy sleep system experience. There are three major components to a healthy sleep.

Melbourne beds and the importance of your chiropractic pilllow

Your chiropractic pillow is important to your neck curve alignement, as well as your shoulder support, especially during side posture sleep. Please call melbourne beds on 9646 8600 book with one of our melbourne chiropractors to assess you for the right chiropractic pillow

Electric Beds Melbourne and the importance of your bed base and mattress

Please enquire at melbourne beds about the right type of bed base. This is dependant partially on the type of chiro mattress you place on it.


The correct chiropractic mattress is determined by posture test completed on the 3 types of orthopedic bed systems available.